General Product Information

The mold contributes to the maturation of the salami and helps to develop its flavour. The product is made deliberately in a way that the casing should be removed together with the mold before consumption. By this time, the mold has completed its “task”; We don’t recommend to eat it.

Our salami is safe to eat, howewer the recommend to consult your physician.

Keep it in a cool place, and should be protected from direct sunlight. Optimal storage conditions are below 15 °C and 50 % humidity.

Throughout  the manufacturing process, the natural moisture content  of the meat is being lost in the maturation phase. This drying process results in a lower finished product weight.

In general, we don’t recommend it.  Please note, that the manufacturer assumes responsibility for the product only throughout it is shelflife (ie before the use by date).

Our  salami is a natural product, therefore some slight discoloration is normal. 

Within the territory of the EU products can be transported without limitation; however, outside the EU most countries restrict or prohibit (e.g. the USA) personal imports of  meat products, so it is recommended that you check local importation regulations before travelling.