Allergen information

The number of those people who are sensitive to any food ingredients is increasing nowadays worldwide. It is really important for them to get clear information on those allergens that might appear in the products in order to preserve their health.

You can find allergen-free, delicious products meeting the up-to-date nutritional trends in the product range of Pick Szeged Zrt. The allergen filter on our website helps those who are suffering from food allergy or food intolerance, but also all those people who are only interested in our products, to choose such products which meet their expectations, diet and taste the best. We recommend to consult with your GP, paediatrician or  nutritionist!
Further information:

Using the allergen filter:
First select the allergens which the products shall be free from, then select the product category and the brand you are looking for.
As a result only those products will be displayed which are free from the highlighted allergens.


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